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We are the only school of martial arts in Sri Lanka with written evidence that preserves Angam martial arts (අංගම් සටන් කලාව) traditionally. Since ancient times, fighters belonging to Maruvalliya school of martial arts have been known as Koranthota Arachchi fighting generation. Renowned as the greatest warriors of the Sitawaka kingdom, our ancestors have served in the Sitawaka Mahavasala Angakkara Sena.

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Angam (අංගම්)

The unarmed combat strategy aspect of the local traditional martial arts is known by this name. Angam, the name of the entire martial art, is based on this aspect. Only the body parts are used for fighting. Here, even with an armed fighter, unarmed fighting is practiced. Martial arts such as jumping, wrestling, etc. are trained in this category.

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Ilangam (ඉලංගම්)

Before gymnastic and other techniques were introduced to the world, Dance art has been taught as a part of martial arts in Ilangam Madhus. It teaches 20 basic jumping techniques. These jumps are called Dadu Karanama, Gurula Karanama, Ukusa Karanama, Kavada Karanama, Asuva, Thirippuva, etc.

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Gat Putta Haramba (ගැට පුට්ටු හරඹ)

Here, a fighter is taught to block the opponent's limbs by preventing his blows. For this, he uses his own limbs as well as things like a cloth, a club, a shawl. There are seven types of these methods: hand knots, wak knots, knot knots and knot jumps.

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Basic Fighting Training

Aga Madilla (ඇග මැඩිල්ල)

This name refers to the method of making the body of the novice fighter fit for battle. For this, the body is massaged with an herb produced in the training centers called Gusti Thel (ගුස්ති තෙල්), followed by a series of exercises called Aga Mura to strengthen the muscles, and then the care of a medicine boat called Mada Oruwa (මඩ ඔරුව).

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First Foot Play

(මුල් අඩි සෙල්ලම්)

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Maya Angam

(මායා අංගම්)

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Hela Medicine

(හෙළ වෙදකම)

From the Spirit of King Maha Ravana

Angampora, the traditional martial art of Sri Lanka is known to be one of the oldest fighting disciplines in the world. Angampora is a deeply spiritual form of combat that goes back to more 30000 years

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